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# 1 Ideas for changes to BO Skills
03-22-2010, 06:41 AM
So before I submit this to the relevant developer form/ticket your feed back would be much appreciated:


BO Skills make all ships have generic skill slots like the Klingon "Bird of Prey Class" giving ultimate flexibility to how you as a captain layout your ships bridge (remember ships will still have there own attributes like +weapons or - turn rate).

Each ship would have skill points assigned to them for BO skill use depending on ship bridge size and class (so in a tactical ship sci would be more costly and in a cruiser tac would be more costly and so on).

Effectively you could have ships at RA level with two tactical lvl4 slots but not engineering or science or a cruiser with lvl4 sci and engineering but no tac slots.


In terms of BO training, that you your self can apply once you spend 9 points on a skill to gain an ability to train such as "emergency power to shields III" or "Cannon Rapid fire" you should be able to decide at what level this appears in. Controversial I know but its a really shame having lots of BO level 3 skills all in the same lot areas effectively you can only really have 4 lvl3 skills per BO (2 ground and 2 space) which sucks.


Give us more customisation over a bridge officer, instead of being given a random one or buying one we could simple pull up a database from the "millions" of cadets that starfleet has and creat one, we could then specify looks, race, build/skin, class.

So yes you could have that sexy klingon femail as a tactical officer you always wanted with legsweep III so you can give them a Batleth and send them into combat as a true warrior.

And on top of that we could add lots of BO points or merrits to gain a green, blue or purple grade BO

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