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# 1 NPC issues
03-22-2010, 02:37 PM
Commander Jenna Romaine seems to be be movable though some of the ground abilities. Im not sure how but I seen someone using explosions or something and now shes at memory alpha facing a wall making her hard to get to.

I'm not sure if this was on purpose but man while I was accessing the exchange at Serra Starbase I had a good long laugh. There is a NPC "basic engineer" bashing the hell out of the console over and over. lol.
Wrong animation ? Hes in the shipyard part of the station.

2 npc are inside each other in the lobby of deep space K7

Hopefuly I have a dev attention. I just like to say love what I see from the season one update. I hope the casual clothing option is easy like the holster your weapon and it takes off your armor and kits for you. I'm growing tired of everyone running around in star bases and casual places with armor and guns. I don't like having to unequip my kit and armor so I don't look like im going to blow away a admiral or see the uniform I got with my pre order. Just not realistic.

Lastly I am dying to find a reason to hang out on my bridge. Can we not make it so you can move in sector space on your bridge ?

Thanks GREAT work guys

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