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# 1 need scalable missions
03-22-2010, 04:03 PM
As a klingon, we get a mission much like in the federation, where the female klingon commander gives us a mission to check out a system and engage federation spys that are amassing a fleet there; so we go to the system; something like Hogarth or something close; and we check some anomolies and get; fleet recently left; or engage some enemies; so as a federation player; some of these anomolies give loot; no klingon ones give loot though; why not.

but more importantly; why do these mission not scale for either side? I havent found much to do on the Klingon side in the way of story line; I enjoy the fleet battles and the pvp and like that; but when I only have a half hour or hour to play; I like to do this repeatable mission and engage the federation pve ships; but they dont scale to my level; the ships are all like -5 or -6 and were not hard to beat when we were even level; now its no challenge at all; but the exps are pretty good; but I would like it to be more random so that some of the ships are -; some equal; and some + so there is some challenge to the game.

that or maybe someone can tell me where to go for the next klingon that will give me a like mission for my level; am LC4 atm, and love my bird of prey.

another thing that is weird; on the federation side; I did all kinds of missions where I got to use my bridge crew on the ground; but on the klingon side; I havent used them even once; be nice if we had some mission we could use them; are there any?

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