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03-22-2010, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by Tonenili
We can't be Drama queens, I've been to the tailors..

No feather boas, no tiarras, drab colors with no flair, no FAHBULASS color choices....

The fact still remains, many in the Empire don't feel content with the content. Many didn't want a PvP only 'monsterplay faction' and many believed content would be comming soon(tm)

The fact also remains, many Klingons are leaving due to the current state of the game, and how it feels Cryptic is tossing us tablescraps, while the Fed get's attention.

I know you'll then say, so waht, if you don't like it leave.. Problem with that is many are.

Vanguard got better after release, they say.. but how many are playing?

*** got better....they say

Hell even SWG claims to be doing better after the NGE.. yet how many are playing?

If your a Federation player, saying so what boo Hoo... go to your forums and post that crap. how dare you come to the klingons section, and tout a boo hoo klingons are upset.. well back to my stuff as it don't affect me.

And for those who say don't let the door hit you on the way out. remember STO can't 'server merge' so if the playerbase does drop there is only 1 decision, and your lack of care when a different portion of the playerbase was here to say wait a sec, won't be arround when you try and say but wait...
My sentiments exactly.

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