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03-23-2010, 03:16 AM
Originally Posted by Brad1701 View Post
So, i'm cruising the forums a few days ago and read a post made in the brightest green text i've ever seen. I mean, literally, this wall of bright green actually makes it difficult to read what the OP is talking about. I make a light-hearted joke about not being able to find my sunglasses to read the post...and suddenly find myself with an email from the moderators stating i have received an "infraction" for flaming.
Seriously Cryptic, stop harassing your customers for mild jokes when they had no intention of starting fights and deal with the more important issues, for instance the dozens of spam mails i get in my inbox everyday...not to mention the constant stream of it in chat channels in-game. I'm tired of hearing about the multitides that are getting infractions or bans for saying something so mild, or even being banned for apparently being rude when they weren't even logged in for near a week.
It was no surprise to me hearing that so many that quit WoW or other games for STO have now gone back with the total lack of respect your show your customers. If this is the way you run your games, STO is guaranteed to go under in a short space of time. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if i saw this game has gone free soon due to lack of customers.
For god's sake, DDO is completely free, and i get no such treatment from the staff there, and have yet to recieve a single spam message. You've got plenty of money coming in from your players, yet you ignore the spammers and refuse to acknowledge the multitude of bugs nearly every player reports.
Get it together or no customer will trust you again.
Heres one that will get me an Infraction (tl;dr-Wall of Text) THIS IS A JOKE DEVS, Get a sense of Humour! I think they are all Vulcan's tbh. Infractions, Tbh I don't care any more!
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03-23-2010, 03:20 AM
The reason we don't allow discussion of moderation of the public forums is to halt speculation like this.

The only people who know why the infraction happened are the person who posted and the moderator who gave the infraction.

You see which moderator took action on your account when you get the e-mail about the infraction. If you do not feel that it was reasonable you can either PM that moderator, or you can PM another moderator asking them to look it over.

I have reviewed a fair share of other moderator actions, and I have to say I have yet to see any of them take advantage of their responsibilities.

Then again ... I am a moderator myself so maybe this is all spin?

/em puts on the tinfoil hat
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