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# 1 We need a major change
03-23-2010, 07:18 AM
What will make this game more successful would be more ship veriations. I have played the game and there are alot of ships. The problem is the options and if there are 3 different variations of a hull there should be 3 different weapon set ups. Personalized and uniqueness is what the game is laqing. 4 foward and 3 aft is flat out lame. I want to choose 7 foward and 0 aft weapons and 2 warpcores with no science section and extra tactical and if the ship fails atleast I had the option to choose the wrong set up. More complex ship set up and power management. I also would like to create weapons, shields, and warpcores. There needs to be a reason why my time in play is better than the next person. Leveling if you make a game super easy to get to level 45 then why make the game super hard at level 45. The balance needs to be better. There should be bosses in the game too. I think a boss would be like Shinzon and he drops something epic for the players to roll on. I know he is dead in the time line, but make something for fufilling glory.

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