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I've spent the last two nights on Tribble exploring a Klingon Cluster.
I've been pleasantly suprised.
I met two new species.
One was ship combat. Reasonably good npc enemies with ship designs i hadn't seen before.
The second was ground combat.
I've forgotten there name but they had taken over a Klingon outpost. I had to beam down and secure the place.
Whoever designed this species i salute you.
They are great fun and i was taken by suprise at their appearance!
I was so suprised i didn't even manage to shoot first before they attacked me
Other good stuff i saw was a large new Klingon interior, a new Klingon building, less asteroids in systems.

Enemies i fought against in ship combat included Hirogen,Reman, Romulan, Federation, Prxy (new species).
And the finale was fighting against Hirogen who had taken over a ship in ground combat.
They are big dudes!

Casual Starfleet players who have been waiting for Klingon PvE content to make a Klingon character certainly have a good starting point with this Season 1 Exploration.
Edit: The reason i make the Casual Starfleet players reference is the obvious fact that the Empire needs to lure more of these players.

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