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# 1 I plea guilty
03-23-2010, 11:24 PM
as title says i plea guilty, when i play with my fed i barely put in any effort. ill probably lose anyway is the sentiment behind it. this is however now historical. (lol one month of history)
first couple matches i played whent descent. being clueless and all.
but when hitting captain level pvp whent down hill. matches where lost before they started (capture and hold 600/1200 all points red), i believed at the time klingons had a huge advantage over feds (in fact its but a small advantage), klingons where better at it (this helped me to believe they had a big advantage), no teamplay in fedgroup and remaining mostly clueless like myself, no leadership, only pugs (for me), and i think i didnt win a single match of pvp. so thats why today i dont put in effort when playing my fed. that and the fact i still dont do pvp in a premade with my fed (i suspect this is the case for many feds still), queus are still very bad towards fed players (our own fault realy, shouldnt all have rolled a starfleet i gues)
so to my fellow starfleet players i apologise. ill try and do better. anyone whant to team up with me when im on gimme a call. Dave_pinata@Dave_Reel. well kick some klingon but (eventualy... i hope), next week when the queus are better
now when i hit RA5 there was little left to do with pve mentally challenged as it is. i rolled a klingon. man that was easy mode. specialy because everything i wasnt doing with my fed that i should have been doing, i was doing on my klingon. put in more thougt about my skill points and Boffs, grouped up with my buddies from the fleet (we still do and its much fun, we win some we lose some as a team), we use teamspeak, work as a group, give eachother pointers, etc etc.

i recommend it to everybody.

for one ull see klingons arent the easymode as some would like you to believe, but it is somewhat easier.

in this respect i would even vote klingons the 'noobrace' (its easier learning with this race, not calling klinongs noobs) and cryptic got it all wrong. we all should have started out as a klingon and at level 6 should have gotten the opportunity to roll a fed.

thx for reading
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# 2
03-24-2010, 02:14 AM
This post is full of... contradictions :p
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# 3
03-24-2010, 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by Dave_Reel View Post
in this respect i would even vote klingons the 'noobrace'
Why you!......

Where's my bat'leth?!?!

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