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Originally Posted by Darksided View Post

When Fleets are empowered to be tools for developing better players within communities, a lot of the balance issues that exist in perception will disappear. As of right now, the only relationship between a RA and LT is via chat - I can't actually assist that much by example. The lack of mentorship is an issue.

As an experienced RA, I never meet other RAs looking for a mentor. A great many folks slip through the cracks long before they reach RA though.
Completely agree ... Any idea when they are going to activate the "Mentor" switch box on create PvP queue or is it already active and I just do not know how to click it?

Also, I believe open War Zones (not Borg Hunt) would solve a LOT of problems ... You might have one warzone that will put people in instances broken down by rank (or higher ranks enter as mentors) and have another set up (and this is what I want) ... that is open to ALL ranks so fleets can go in.

Trust fleets to coordinate their attacks in those zones so that smaller ships work well with larger ships as it is in the shows ... Remember the DS9 episodes where we saw full battles? ... I saw Mirandas fighting alongside Galaxy class ships.

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