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I understand that Mission (and mission types) are a hot topic, and that several new mission types will be added to the game. (Cryptic is very good at adding things as time goes on). I also understand that you CAN customize your kits before, during, and after a mission.

What I don't understand is given the current state of the game WHY you would do this.

If any of this has been mentioned before, I apologize.

One of the biggest things that was touted at the start of the game was how customizable everything would be, and how we could pop the right kit for the job, or equip the right BO for the job.

Problem 1)
As far as BO go.. I am unable to swap my BO during combat, which means I need to know ahead of time (without any idea of what I'll be up against) which BO to use.

Potential Solution 1)
Allow BO to be swapped at combat time! I know we can't swap phaser/torp layout, that's dumb, but if I need Ensign Torpedo Spread to take over for Lt. Cmdr. Fire At Will, why can't they push them out of the seat, say "I got this!" and fire away?

Problem 2)
Missions are "all" combat.
Why use Commander I-can-use-a-Tricorder-like-no-ones-business when I just need to use Ensign I-have-a-phaser-in-my-hand.

Potential Solution 2)
Give us more mision types that ACTUALLY USE OUR SKILLS, not just scan 4 computers and leave.
(I know this is being worked on, but the USE YOUR SKILLS part is the important part)

Problem 3)
All of our equipment, for BO, Toon, or Ship is DIRECTLY affected by any skills we put points in.
So why would I swap out my turret creation kit for my scanner kit when I don't have any points in scanning.
Besides, because of Problem 2, if I can blast my way out of it with the kit I have, I NEVER NEED TO SWITCH IT.

I have an Engineer Captain 6, and I have changed my kit TWICE, because I got a STRONGER VERSION OF THE KIT I HAD. Not because I actually NEEDED to swap.

Star Trek almost ALWAYS had a Mission Specialist, or that one character that could just do it that one little bit better. [EDIT] Right now we're all the same for the most part, and sure each of us may like one skill over the other and thus "customize ourselves" to use it, but I don't have to adapt to anything while I play... so what's the point?

Just some thoughts...
[EDIT] I love Star Trek, and I love this game. I am a lifetime subscriber, and I wish nothing but the best for it. However, as much as new content is cool, and god knows the game needs it, we need to focus on correcting the existing infrastructure first to make that content worth it and enjoyable.

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