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# 1 Todays is a good day to die...
03-25-2010, 01:56 AM
Let me sum this up nicely and then everyone that disagrees can discuss it point per point.
Here is my reasons I believe that Klingon Empire dies today.

1. Federation PvP. Being that that the single most important way to level up a Klingon is through PvP and then removing (which will happen since feds going to want to play with themselves) the oponent will delay the pvp ques even further for Klingons or all together will negate the usage of PvP since so few Federation characters is going to want to PvP with Klingons.

if they do PvP here is reason number 2...

2. Cloaking being able to negates. The cloak is among the single most important parts of a Klingon strategy, it gives us time and oportuinty to plan and execute a strike vs a vasly stronger oponent in a 1v1 or 5v5 matchup. If you place 5 feds and 5 klingons in one spot both being equally good at PvP and cloak is gone the federation with their greater hull capacity and greater shields will win it hands down. Since so many new skills now is going to negate cloak you might as well remove it and then we will be stuck with an vastly inferior ships as far as hull and shields go, not to speak of that we do not still have a science vessel to speak of.

3. Lack of content. I am glad that im already BG5 and can concentrate on the raid episodes cause with the drop of PvP that will occur and the very small bone sent to us being only in captain level the levelling of a Klingon is going to be even more tedious and as such people will not want to play Klingon and thus they will leave to become Federation instead hance killling of an already bleeding Klingon nation.

If you disagree on these points I would ask you that you prove your point because I can prove everything I said in just saying for you go check out the release notes at

Oh and lastly to those who "enjoy the Klingon tears" and the whining etc, we are all players, remember that, we deserve some respect and if Crytpic would hit your faction as hard as it hit us would you sit down quietly and just let it go...? Hardly.

Thank you for the time and Qaplah'

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