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# 1 Mission gap
03-25-2010, 06:03 AM
I'm Commander 6 and the only missions I have are at Commander 8 or higher. What am I missing? I feel like maybe I've missed a quest hub. I went to Memory Alpha last night on advice of a friend but no quests there for me. Did I miss a starbase or something? Also checked out the starbase in Sierra system, but I had already done those quests (Admiral T'Nae or something like that).

Did I miss a mission hub somewhere or do I need to grind exploration & defend missions? Note: I've done all the patrol missions too. I like the exploration missions but don't like the thought of grinding them over and over just to level up. I enjoy the story line content more.

I guess I could do the Commander 8 missions but I'm concerned that the missions levels will increase faster than my level. So far I haven't had much trouble doing missions one or two levels higher than my level.

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