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I have two RA5 Chars. And I remember that I got 3 new quests/missions on Tribble during the Tribble Weekend immediatly after logging in: The Cure, DS9 Fleet Action and Big Dig.

Now on Holodeck after the Patch I only got Big Dig. I can, of course, join the DS9 Fleet Action, but there is no mission to accept. And after beating the DS9 Fleet Action I can not go through the shuttle Bay doors to continue the space part of that fleet action. I was able to do that on tribble.

Did they take out the DS9 space part? Is there no mission/quest to accept for the ds9 fleet action anymore?
Do I have to complete Infected at least once in order to get the mission for the cure on holodeck?

Or should I file a bug-report?

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