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My Kit is broke!
The powers are lit up, but I can't click on them!
The hot keys don't work either!

This is the purple kit you buy with Marks of Exploration in borg space. (Engineering Kit - Bunker Fabrication Mk X)

Ran to SOL and bought a cheap kit and the cheap one works just fine!

If it matters:
1) Yes, it is equipped
2) Yes, the powers are lit as if its ready
3) Yes, I'm on the ground
4) Yes, I've tried dragging the powers to different slots
5) Yes, I've tried using the hot keys and clicking on the kit powers directly.

On a side note: Why do the Mk X kits all have a V in the bottom right hand corner of the picture instead of an X?

Anyone else having kit problems? (This started after the big patch the other day)

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