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# 1 Missions insue ?
03-27-2010, 03:28 AM
Ok i dont know if this was posted befor or if this is a bug but when doing combat space missions and kiling enemys a mission update window pop up yast after kiling enemy well if fine but if you clouse to that enemy you yast kiled and this window pop up you are unable to control yours ship wich make you stuck next to enemys destroyed ship and take huge explosion damage sometime even death. Sec problem is after kiling one wave enemys and while next one spawn that mission window pop up again and here we go again you are unable to move while enemy can and if you clouse to enemy you take damage befor you can close that window, i mean commone is this realy nessecerly to get so many missions update that block you while you have quest window update on right side of you scren ? Is ok when you do other kind missions but pvp one is not good.

PS. soz for broken english...

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