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  1. How much you have spent on Cryptic Points to date?
  2. How many Cryptic Points have you spent in game?
  3. What C-Store products have you purchased?
  4. What is your opinion on the C-Store Products you have purchased?
  5. What are your Suggestions for future C-Store Products?
  6. What do you think should, and should not be available in the C-Store for real money?
  7. What is your favourite suggestion in the OP from the feedback and why?
Provide suggestions in your posts for C-Store Products & I will post your feedback below.

Faction Colour Key:
  • Federation.
  • Romulan.
  • Klingon.
  • All Factions / Unknown.

The Community would like the following Suggested Products to be in the C-Store.

Titles (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Chief.
  • F - Commodore.
  • F - Deputy Director.
  • F - Doctor.
  • F - Emissary.
  • F - Fleet Captain.
  • F - Klingon Rank Titles.

Playable Races (Multi Vote Here):

View post #468 (Click) for information on the 39 Playable Races available in the poll.

Uniforms (Multi Vote Here):
Off-Duty Clothing (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Additional Bridge Officer Off-Duty Slots.
  • F - Additional Player Off-Duty Slots.
  • F - Fashion Accessories Pack (Featuring Various Glasses, Eye Patches, Jewellery, Earrings, Belts, etc).
  • F - Full Length Open Coat Pack.
  • F - Halloween Costume Pack.
  • F - Hawaiian Shirt Pack (Suggested by Alecto).
  • F - Kilt Pack.
  • F - Swimwear Pack.

Pets (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Jackal Mastiff.
  • F - Kitten / Cat (Native to Earth).
  • F - Orion Slave Girl.
  • F - Puppy / Dog (Native to Earth).
  • F - Puppy / Dog (Native to Qo'noS).
  • F - Rabbit (Native to Earth).

Starship & Shuttlecraft (Multi Vote Here, some players would also like to see this artwork used):
Bridges (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Ambassador Bridge Pack.
  • F - Constellation Bridge Pack.
  • F - Constitution Bridge Pack (Original, "The Cage" Episode Variant, Refit and the Alt Universe Bridges).
  • F - Excelsior Bridge Pack.
  • F - Miranda Bridge Pack (Canon).
  • F - Nebula Bridge Pack.
  • F - Nova Bridge Pack.
  • F - NX Bridge Pack.
  • F - Sovereign Bridge Pack.

Other (Multi Vote Here):
  • F - Additional Alien Character Creator Options Pack, featuring insect parts, multiple eyes, multiple arms and legs.
  • F - Allow players to choose TOS Skins for Weapons, Tricorders, etc over the Current Weapons, Tricorders etc.
  • F - Character Creation Options for various types of Ears, examples; Rabbit ears, Wolf ears.
  • F - Character Creation Options for various types of Tails, examples; Lizzard Tail, Wolf Tail.
  • F - Escape Pods & Windows Texture Pack.
  • F - Faction Defector (Option to Change Factions).
  • F - Fleet Skins (Unique Ship Configurations just for the Players own Fleet).
  • F - Gender Op (Option to Change Gender).
  • F - Genetic Alteration I (Option to Change Traits)
  • F - Genetic Alteration II (Option to Change Race).
  • F - Holodeck Program (Allows Purchase of Various Programs).
  • F - Individual ground Kits for the Tactical, Science and Engineering class that can be customized with powers that are available depending on the class specific Kit chosen (Suggested by Alecto).
  • F - ISS Mirror Universe Starship Registry.
  • F - Miror Univers Starship Customization Pattern Variants.
  • F - Miscellaneous Items Pack (Items to be Held by the Player, such as a Drinking Glass, Flowers, a Cane, etc).
  • F - Musical Instrument Pack (Items to be Held & Played by the Player).
  • F - Personal Weapon, Armour, and Kit Variety Skin Packs (Costume Packs).
  • F - Ship Refit, the Option to Upgrade Bridge Stations to allow for the use of higher tier abilities (This Option NEEDS to be purchasable via in game Merits as well as the C-Store).
  • F - Shuttlecraft Components Pack, allows the Player to Purchase Shuttlecraft Parts, which then allows the Player to Create, Customize and Fly their own shuttlecraft using a New Customization NPC, similar to how the Voyager Crew built the Delta Flyer, you could name the shuttle anything you like, Alpha Flyer perhaps for the Feds and the Klingons should also have the same options but with Klingon shuttlecraft components (Suggested by Alecto).

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