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I'm finally posting this in the form as in the past whenever I've posted tickets I've got either generic 'evolving game' replies, or in one case "We can't see evidence of this" I'm hoping there might be hope from the community!

Both my husband and I play the game (together I might add, but on seperate accounts) and for some reason it seems quyite often my missions don't complete properly.

The first example of this was the Line in the Sand mission (tutorial) which remains greyed out - there's a fix in progress apparently but for now it's annoying.

I've also had one of the Cardassian arc patrols that I couldn't complete as one of the patrol missions would never register completed.

My promotion missions have been a similar source of woe.

Now today after 2/3 hours of playing with a team that was....challenging.... I completed Infected...actually we did. My husband got credit and could call it in with starfleet, but I couldn't, we were both there from the start and as far as I can tell the only difference is that I was unconcious at the end when the Queen died.

Anyone - Dev or Player - got any suggestions?

(Tickets 739138, 691068, 691053, 777974)

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