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# 1 Investigate Base: Ground : bug
03-27-2010, 01:49 PM
hello all

im playing currently my first ground away mission and have once more a bug.

im currently in the boldy no man has gone before mission in the Investigate Base: Ground part.

so im now on the surface of the steroid and my pc told me to lock in the computer of the station.
i did the first succesfuel but after that i cant acess an 2nd computer, what should work because that tells me this mission.

i already tried the command /stuck but without success...

im just playing science 2 days but found several bugs only in space... and about these extrem many server problems i dont want to talk about...
so im VERY frustrated. does someone know what i can do to get acces on the 2nd computer of the station?

EDIT: sorry this time its my fault. you can close it or delete it found the 2nd computer of the outpost... THX

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