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# 1 Short Story
03-27-2010, 05:47 PM
I've been putting together a series of short stories based on my game expereince. Feel free to comment


‘Report.’ Came the calm soft tone of the strange alien Captain as he exited his ready room and took his seat in the center of the bridge.
‘Klingon Bird of Prey decloaked sir, she’s firing.’ Sara said as she’d vacated his seat in that calm Vulcan way he’d come to admire.
‘Polarise hull, set shield to rotating frequencies.’ Captain Zipster Mulquay ordered. The ship shook.
‘Direct hit Captain, shields down to seventy-five percent.’
‘Return fire. Helmsman defensive pattern Epsilon three’
The ship shook again, a panel exploded behind him but Zipster didn't looked back.
‘Ventral shield down to thirty-percent.”
‘Evasive manoeuvres, target their weapons systems and fire at will.’ He tapped a button on his re-designed command panel. His hands and fingers being much larger and longer then a human’s, he’d had a new panel designed to compensate. ‘Mulquay to Engineering, Alba I need those shields reinforced, now.’
‘Aye sir, we're working on it.’ The disembodied voice said over the Comm.
‘Casualty reports coming in from deck-five and six.’ Joseph looked up from his science console. ‘There’s a plasma leak on deck-five, section fourteen.’
Zipster nodded ‘Hazmat control teams to deck five. Sickbay prepare for casualties.’
The voice of Doctor Donapla came across the comm. ‘We were prepared when the ship started shaking Captain. Sickbay out.’ He smiled but said nothing.
On the view screen the bird of prey was now ahead of the Shadowmane. Its right wing damaged. ‘Captain the bird of prey has no usable weapons, recommend Quantum torpedo to disable the engines.’
‘Negative, they are no longer a threat. Open a channel.’
Ensign Kreen responded. ‘Chanel open.’
‘Bird of prey. This is Captain Zipster Mulquay of the USS Shadowmane. Stand down your attack and withdraw form this sector of space. This will be your only warning.’ He gave Kreen the look that he knew well and instinctively he responded. ‘Chanel muted.’
‘Any joy on Identification?’ He looked up at Sara, his first officer and closest friend.
‘Its registry is the “Kruge”. We have no other information Captain.’ Sara looked down at her screen and raised an eyebrow. ‘The Klingons are hailing us.’
‘Onscreen,’ said Zipster and got up from his chair.

The Klingon Captain’s face filled the view screen. ‘You fought well Starfleet, but this day isn’t over!’
‘Captain, your ship is damaged and you are leaking drive plasma. Do you require assistance?’
‘What?!? why you dare to insult the leader of the house of G’hja, I will cut out your heart….’
The audio suddenly muted leaving the Klingon bellowing into the screen, but with no voice. Zipster looked over at Kreen who shrugged slightly. Sara said, ‘I believe the universal translator is having difficulties with the last few sentences. Although I am proficient enough in Klingon to understand that what he just said probably wasn’t entirely complimentary.’
Zipster smiled and to Kreen he said. ‘re-establish audio Ensign’

‘... boiled in your own blood and eaten from dishes made from the bones of your crew!’
Zipster folded his arms and tilted his head as the Klingon finished his torrent of abuse, the only battle left for him to win. His face almost purple and spittle drenched his grey-white beard. Zipster calmly waited as the bulging eyed Klingon finally sat back in his command chair. ‘I take that as a no then. You fought with Honour Captain, but the day is mine. Leave. Now.’
‘Very well Starfleet, we will go. The next time we meet..’ Zipster turned his back and said, ‘end transmission.’
'Stand down from Red Alert, but maintain Yellow Alert defensive systems a while longer.'
‘Hazmat Control to Captain,’ Zipster looked up in that odd alien way of his. ‘Go head.’
‘Deck-five is now clear sir recommend clean up crews and engineering teams replace the ODN junction in the area, the bio-neural gell packs look contaminated too.’
‘Very good. Co-ordinate your efforts with Alba and Lieutenant Drax.’ He turned to Sara. ‘Casualty report Number One?’ As he took his seat, Sara read off the information she had pulled up on her panel.
‘Sickbay logged 11 casualties. 8 minor injuries, 2 critical and 1 fatal. Ensign Decotta.’ He studied ship reports of the latest battle and made some notes. He felt the mood on the bridge and he sensed a shift in emotions from all but Sara. The crew could also tell when Zipster was emotionally effected by news. His skin colour usually deep purple, went to almost blue and his metalic refective eyes dulled slightly. He gave no outward appreance in his body language, but his species' chemical responce to emotion was highly-visable and there was nothing he could do about it. After a brief pause he nodded and made up his mind.

‘You have the bridge Number One.’ Sara dutifully replaced him in the centre seat and watched as he purposefully entered the turbolift. As the doors closed she heard him say. ‘Sickbay.’

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