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03-27-2010, 08:16 PM
They updated the post and now say between 9 - 9:30pm PST before server is back up. Makes me wonder if I really want to buy this. I'm using a buddy pass from a friend and trying the game this weekend. So far I'm not impressed. And I have about a dozen or people waiting to hear from me whether or not to buy it. I cant seem to justify spending $50 on a game that wasnt ready to launch. If its from server overload, why dont they have more than one server? I know a couple of other games that try to use a single server and it just doesnt work. Between lag and other 'overload' conditions it makes me wonder what these guys are thinking. And dont tell me they didnt expect the number of people who wanted to play it. This is STAR TREK we're talking about. There is one game that has the right idea: multple servers that you can switch between in game. When you friend someone you can choose to just friend them with that character, or friend them with your account. And you can see when they come online and 'jump' to them, no matter what server they are on.

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