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Well im from the QLd and play almost every night, im looking for some organized Klingon Pvpers on the aussie time zone. Im Pure speced for Space pvp beacuse if u wanna do ground pvp go play Cs.

CHeers Apoc.
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03-27-2010, 09:33 PM
Disposable Heroes - Warriors Wanted!
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Disposable Heroes is not for everyone. We provide a casual but focused PvP experience, and we try not to let bureaucracy get in the way of fun (more pew-pew, less Q Q ).We dominate just about every PvP map we zone into, and we have a blast doing it!

All timezones are welcome!
All tiers are welcome!
All skill levels are welcome!

Stop by our website, check out our awesome PvP and recruiting videos, see what we're all about, and see what we expect from our ranks. If you feel you would prove a useful and beneficial addition to Disposable Heroes, contact one of the following in-game:

Mok' Behtak@JohnRTLane

Alternatively, you can join the public channel DHeroes and get someone's attention.

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