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03-28-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by Verhey View Post
that link doesn't even have the word europe anywhere in it... that's refering to a totally differnt issue.. there a re meny different sources of "lag"... so in otherwords you're just another senior member being arrogent.. and ignorent... and a (insert colourful adjective here) --> "____BAG"

i don't know why people get all over people with troubles trying to get cryptics attention, the OP made a valid thread. and instead of getting a valid reply, he got another TROLLING 'senior' member.. last i checked that was against the forum rules.. the very act, senior members seem to report juniors for all the time, even when they're making valid points.

the fact is, no there's no enough threads, because obviously even with titles like "please read" cryptic is making NO acknowledgement that they are infact readinging them, the issue is serious, the game is a pay per time subscription, so if you can't play it during that time, you're paying for nothing.. the fact that people are willing to pay is ONLY for server side support and content.. if they don't have access to said content, what's the point? if there's no server side support, then what's the point? people already paid $40-$70 for the game, there are cheaper games with FREE servers with multiplayer (even MORE multiplayer content and interactivity than this game)... peope are feeling very ripped off.. this is what the threads are all about... HEY CRYPTIC WE'RE PAYING FOR A SERVICE AND... YOU'RE NOT PROVIDING IT!

.... the next time one of you other members wants to say, "there's enough threads on this"... then next time you need to see customer service about something at a store or something.. .. how'd you feel if some stranger came up and said to you: "sorry there's already one person in line.. so go home! we dont need YOU here."

... i swear if people could punch other people in the face through the internet the same as in real life... there'd be alot less unwanted know it alls being complete and utter idiots on said internet.

i'm tired up sticking up for legit people.. it's especially bad on the STO forums... i wonder if there's a connection with trekkies? (socially challenged maybe?) .. just an observation...
That link was not for you then. It was meant for the other user who posted there was no official notice on the downtime to fix the zoning issue when in fact, there was. How about you calm down before posting next time. Cheers.

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