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This is a "dramatization" of the very technical (but most welcome) feedback, that coderanger was kind enough provide us with on the Day the Walls Fell.
It was done, because we understand information better when presented in StarTrek format!
And also because I got nothing better to do at work today.
It is with all due respect and is hoped will be received that way too.

"Star Trek: Online Forums"

Season 1, Episode 1

'Encounter At PvPPoint'


Picard (v/o)
"Captain's Log, Stardate 87843.52. Following Starfleet directive, we engaged the Klingon forces near the neutral zone, and upon returning from the operational area, we found all our Senior Staff has somehow lost their Starfleet ranks and have been demoted to Ensign. We have convened to assess the unusual situation."

CUT TO SCENE: Conference Room.

Senior Officers sitting around the conference table. Riker and Worf are in Ensign uniforms, looking angry.

Picard (with authority)
"Mr Data, can you give us a summary of the situation, please?"
Commander Data (ambivalently neutral)
"Yes Sir. The performance issue started a few days ago when we put in a fix to delete a large number of exchange lots from the database that were being retained incorrectly. The next time the shard restarted we noticed that it took longer than expected to come back. Upon investigation, we found it was due to processing the journal of those deletes, but because this wouldn't ever be done again the case was closed. On Saturday 3AM, we observed it is still taking forever to load. Geordi got performance traces and found that loading a heavily fragmented data file (the backing store to our database) takes far longer than it should. When we deleted all the bad exchange lots (which are all tiny, but interspersed all over the place) it left the backing store fragmented far more than normal, so this led to database stalls periodically as it ran the journal merger. We tried to keep this under control through the morning by manually neutralizing the merger, but this was only a temporary fix."
"Mr. LaForge?"
"Part of the downtime tonight was to run a manual defrag on the files in question, which vastly reduced loading time and eliminated the merger stalls. The bug which caused the fragmented files to load so slowly will be looked at on Monday to keep this from happening again, though we also will have the Operations Team run defrags periodically as it will still help to do so."
Picard (impatiently)
"Very good. What about the PvP Rewards?"
Troi (cuts in, wailing)
"I feel ... Anger ... and Pain! ..."
Picard (snaps)
"Not now, Counsellor!"
LaForge (looks at Worf, worried)
"The way this happened can be summarized as 'a change went live that shouldn't have'."

Worf (growls quietly in his Ensign uniform at LaForge)

LaForge (continues uneasily)
"The specific change in question was an experimental rework to better reward contributions other than DPS. Specifically, it was half of that change. Along with all of those reward changes, it also included an unrelated PvP fix that was needed as a dependency for another PvP change that was scheduled to go live. The change was low-risk, so the dependency list was not watched carefully enough. No way around it, this was our mistake, and we need to stick to our review policies to make sure these things don't happen..."

Picard (gives LaForge a "Captain's Look")

LaForge (continues uneasily)
"As for what happened once it went live, we got reports from Away Teams of being demoted to RA-39 and QA quickly confirmed that it was indeed happening. We blocked the transporter room server commands that allow queueing via the PvP dialog conduits, but realized later that this didn't disable pattern-enhanced transporter queueing in the neutral zone."

(cut to Riker, he fidgets impatiently in his Ensign uniform, looking annoyed)

LaForge (continues)
"We then found a way to entirely disable the PvP queue backend, so no one could accidentally end up in a PvP map. The incorrect inclusion of the of the reward changes has been reverted in the z.1 build."
Picard (considers the situation, turns to Dr.Crusher)
"Beverly, ..."
Dr. Crusher (smiles reassuringly)
"We have pulled log data from today to identify those affected. We will be granting their skill points back as soon as possible, Captain."
Picard (relieved)
"Very good."
Picard (pauses for a moment contemplatively, then continues)
"There have been some ... casualties due to this incident. We have lost some of our most decorated Admirals, many of whom have been serving in Starfleet for as long as five weeks. Their loss will be deeply felt. Still, they all knew the risks involved when they joined Starfleet. There will be a commemorative service at 1300 in Ten Forward. Dismissed."

Taaaa Ta-ta-taaaa Ta-ta-taaaaa!
Ta-Tatata Taaa-Taaa-Taaa Ta-ta-ta-Taaaaa!
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-28-2010, 09:45 PM
I LOVE IT!!!!! very funny
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# 3
03-28-2010, 11:39 PM
I could see the scene in my minds eye. +1 rep to you EnsignKoala!
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03-28-2010, 11:45 PM
You got me to lol at the "loss of admirals serving in starfleet for five weeks" part. Classic.

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