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Just to update my situation.

To say I am somewhat annoyed is probably a massive understatement; since my display driver stopped, I can no longer launch STO - I get past the account screen, but then my display driver stops again.

To check if it where STO, I attempted to log into Lord of the Rings Online, and the same now happens there, I have rebooted twice, and run in safe mode to check the integrity of my drivers, and system performance, which all seems fine, until I attempt to launch anything more complicated or graphically dependant than watching a movie, or loading some web based flash.

Can I/we please have an answer as to what is causing this or a recommendation from the support team as to what we can do to avoid either; damaging our systems further. Or for a way to be provided to actually play the game we are paying for.

I am personally unsure how to progress, as my system is always incredibly stable, I am using none of the questionable drivers, am nice and chilled and have more than enough GPU and CPU to run STO on its highest quality settings.

I really would like a response, thanks!
Lt. Commander
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03-29-2010, 02:15 AM
Maybe try verify your game files?
From the Lancher Options (force verify checkbox, or something).

Although if it crashes in LotRO also, then it's probably not the problem.
Try running a video check software that came with your card.

I always run in 2/3rd graphics setting, and sometimes even lower, because I noticed my video card is working very hard in certain circumstances and don't want to melt it.

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