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Lt. Commander
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03-29-2010, 12:23 PM
Went to the scrap yard half dozen times untill I changed my set up. Killed Molly first round after change.
Exploration Cruiser: Tac Officer

Fwd Weaps: Phaser Array VIII / Trans Torps VIII crt / Quantum Torps VIII crt / Phaser Bank VIII acc
Aft Weaps : Phaser Array VIII / Chron Torps VII / Disrupter Array VIII

Jam sensors II ( a must for this mission imho)
Shields II
Yield II
Spread I
Eject Plasma I
Boarding III
Engineering II

Engineering Consules: EPS VIII, RCS VIII, Shield Emitter VIII ( +10% reg)

Used ramming speed twice to regen full stats. Boarded her twice. Used Jam sensors every chance I got.

Loadout that DID NOT work: Tach II beam and Beam Overload I along with different Disrupter and Phaser consists and 1 torp tube in FWD weaps..all it did was **** her off. Had problems cutting the shields up untill final loadout. Molly has pretty good shields and regen rate. Torpedo salvo's are killer.

After Kill...was very satisfied that I had to work for it...We should have more Solo missions like this one. Missions that make you think about what load outs to use and if you REALLY should get some help, make the game that much better....I am a Happy Capt. today

just my 2 credits worth. Happy Hunting

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