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03-29-2010, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
sorry but you are wrong on all counts.

actually, i'm not sorry. you're just wrong.
You're the one who's wrong... STO is geared towards "casual" gamers. That doesn't mean it doesn't have stuff in it that rewards hardcore gamers too. But I mean, I play fairly sparsely and I'm max level. But I don't have a character of each class at max level on both Fed and Klingon side. I don't have 500 million credits.
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Originally Posted by vince081 View Post
I absolutely love this. I've been doing Infected since the day it came out with the same group of people. We had some difficulties at the beginning while we developed working strategies, but now that we've had time to figure out how things work we can get through it with minimal deaths. I for one fully support this; people complain for weeks that the game isn't 'group friendly' so the Devs give us a mission that requires a team. It's exactly what the community was asking for and it's the reason that I play MMO's; in order to play with other people. Thanks for the hard work Cryptic.
I want to acknowledge Vince's sentiment here. I do think that Infected is a step in the right direction, since at least it forces you to play as a team and does not allow people to just play the game solo as if it was not an MMORPG.

I guess that I don't understand why it's expected that people would want to repeat the same mission over and over. Even if there is some kind of reward... are you actually enjoying playing through this same content over and over like that, more than two or three times at most?

Random groups are the reality for most players... in general I've had a good time with random players. The ones I haven't had a good time with are the ones who are in a hurry to complete the mission as fast as possible and get annoyed with having to help you if it's your first time on Infected. It's not even that hard of a mission, lol, it's just that there needs to be a penalty for quitting and there needs to be an easy way to beam out, go get better supplies, then beam back in without having to re-do anything.

I tried to recruit people from my fleet who have already done Infected a lot of times, but they couldn't join because they didn't do the first half of the mission already that day. That's retarded... who cares if they did the first half THAT DAY? Why can't they just join in? They've already done the mission before. You're just actually preventing people from getting their friends into the game when a random PUGmember quits.

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