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Everyone by now should know that Fleet Action rewards are hardly fair.

Just yesterday, I did the Big Dig and decided that I shall not do anything to help with the objectives(ie. no rescuing the archaeologists, no collecting force fields) but instead just DPS and kill kill kill.

And I ended up top. Was that fair? I hardly think so.

So I would like to propose the following, band the rewards so groups of players who perform within a range score gets the same rewards.

I would like to see it work like this.

a) Decide on the number of rewards you want to hand out. Let's say for Fleet Action Alpha, you want to give out 5 bands of rewards, where top band gets a blue mk X, 2nd band gets a weaker blue mk X, 3rd band gets a green MK X, 4th band gets a green mk IX, 5th band gets a large hypo.

b) Once the fleet action finishes, you band the players within a score range and give them that band's reward. To do this, you find the top scorer. With the top scorer's score, you band all the players after him who has up to 10% less than him. So for example, top scorer scores 10000 points. All players from 10000 down to 9000 points will get the top band's reward. After that, find the next top scorer who hasn't received a reward, for example, say the next player scored 7200, then all those from 7200 to 6480 will get the 2nd band's reward.

c) Calculate this till you reach the last band and all players who hasn't received rewards will just get the last band.

Now, why this proposal? When I do fleet actions, I find that inevitably, people work in groups. Some groups know what to do, some don't. Some have individuals who know what to do and leads the group, some are just excellent followers. What I hope the proposal does is to reward the group that works together towards finishing the fleet action.

Any comments or criticisms are always welcomed.
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03-30-2010, 01:26 AM
It would be much better if you got points for actions as well as kills. the more difficult the action the more points. Combine kills and action at the end and you score comes from that.

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