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Ok, I thought the new ds9 fleet action was horrible and worthless, especially after completing it in over two hours to only get a stinking hypo as a reward that i could just replicate....

but i decided to try the big dig mission with some fellow fleet members... well after the first houur 3 of our 5 man team left... this left me and one other team mate to half a ss follow non team members who have no tactical sense at all....which took 3 hours+ to complete

Heres a few suggestions to make this mission "ENJOYABLE"....

First off as a member of a team, the team leader should really stand out in game so everyone on the team has no doubt which person is the team leader at just a glance... a floating huge icon over their head or color his name tags bright green or something.....

for non team play where there are 20 other starfleet officers there needs to be a leader... cause in the case of the big dig everyone kept getting split up cause some guys would run way ahead and leave others behind who would get caught by the constant respawning enemys.... make the person with the highest rank a team leader as mentioned above by some colored icon or name tag... when he spawns into the map give him the option to be the leader or decline.... if he is the leader and dies the next rank member gets the option.... then if he dies, (and the other guys is already respawned) he would get the option back.... this way people know by visual reference on the minimap and whats in front of their face who is leading and who to follow..... otherwise you get 3 different people going off in different directions and people following then which leads to 3 groups of 2 or 3 people who end up dead...

the next suggestion (for the dig and other missions like the ds9 mission) is you HAVE TO UP THE REWARD SKILL POINTS.... the dig was like 100+ skill point reward plus whatever you earn through kills which is 1 skill point every so often... for completing a mission like the big dig that should give a player (amount based on time maybe?) 2,000 skill points. If a player was only in for 10 minutes then it completed then base their skill points earned based on time... factor in heals and revives.... for my 3 hours of work and 100 revives i must have done i shouldve recieved 2000 skill points... otherwise why even do them as i could earn those points in the same amount of time doing regular missions and defend missions!

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