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# 1 Looking For Fleet-will Travel
03-30-2010, 07:17 AM

After much reading and flip floping, I'm afraid I cannot chose. They all look so good. Can someone please send me an invite? I have a Capt. endlessly wondering the stars. i'm on for at least 10-25 hours per week. Mostly a casual player that likes RP, PVE, PVP......been playing since Im easy. I usually roll cruisers as i am a tanker at heart. looking for a established Fleet with prestige and numbers. I don't dissapoint and Im fun at parties!

His info:

Contact Name : Harbinger@Castogere
Location : West Coast US
Full Name: Avo Comulos Harbinger
Starfleet Class: Engineer
Current Rank and Grade: Lt. 1

No current Fleet active or associated-

The Backstory:
Avo Harbinger is originally from the Gamma Quad. From a world only vaguely known as Hurcian Prime, His race has a life span only rivaled by Elorians and have been known to live up to 300 earth years. In the year 2388 he was taken hostage by a group of Remans who felt it necessary to gather the genetic codes of alien races to further their research into bio-engineering. While in captivity, Avo befriended one of the captives a Capt. Tollian Grace of the 49th Cavalry Brigade.

At the time Capt. Grace was assigned to the USS Sumter NCC-157831 B and found himself victim of a Reman ambush on an away mission losing his whole bridge crew in the process. They would spend the next 3 years held in captivity. Avo awoke one day in his cell to find his friend badly beaten and on the verge of death. As Capt. Grace slipped into the afterlife Avo vowed his revenge. 8 months later he got his wish. The Remans were moving new Vulcan female prisoners into his cell block when an opportunity arose. Avo grabbed a Reman officer that ventured to close to the iron bars and tore his throat out and stole his keys.

In his escape he saved 19 Vulcan women and 2 Klingon men killing 36 Remans almost single handed from blind anger over the Capt.s death. Stealing a transport he delivered the rescued group along with the Capt.s body to Starfleet Outpost 615.

Admr. Stephan L’Kul heard of his tale through one of the freed Vulcans and offered him Star Fleet as a new life in the Alpha Quad. And thanks for bringing a fallen comrade home. Even though the 49th Cavalry had been integrated into another fleet, he still offered Avo the opportunity to pick his crew and carry on the tradition of the Roughnecks in honor of Capt. Grace…….He picked a majority of the freed Vulcan females to follow him to the bridge…………they said yes. The Admr. then gave Avo his last name during the commission ceremony and reintroduced him as Avo Harbinger….Capt. of the USS Reckoning.

Hurcians grow to 2 meters and poses extreme physical strength and durability. They have even been known to see and operate in complete darkness. They are short tempered and make fierce warriors. They also have the natural ability to calculate high end mathematical equations with ease making them highly susceptible to science and engineering careers.

-Ignore the signature...its based of my main char.-
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03-30-2010, 07:56 AM
Project Navras may very well be the fleet you're looking for. We're a fleet nearing 50 ships, at the moment, devoting ourselves to enjoying every aspect that Star Trek Online has to offer, whether it's RP, PVP, or simply good, old fashioned PVE, with raids and fleet actions. We have our own forums, voice comms, and weekly schedule of events-- with member access to the Fleet Bank, and regularly-held contests for our members.

We have a complete award/medals system on our forums, thus allowing our members to earn commendations and decorations from their actions within the fleet. We also have divisions, allowing you to devote yourself to certain duties/responsibilities within the fleet that will help you in progressing through our ranking system.

If you're interested, then it all starts by checking out our fleet recruitment thread. The link is located in my signature-- and after that, check out our website and forums at -- you might even decide to fill out an application.
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03-30-2010, 09:01 AM
Hi ,

Take a look at 3rd Fleet

3rd Fleet has the following:

* Professional Forum Layout
* Proffessional Signatures
* Friendly Active Staff Base
* Optional Team Speak
* Loads of Active Members
* Supports the Following Lanaguages English,German or French
* Members who are supportive of each other.

More Info Here at our STO Topic :

Our Website

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