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I decided to try a different direction with an away team today, and created a team of 1 engineer and 3 tactical officers, all armed with Bat'Leth Mk II's as their weapon. My hope was to create a melee assault team with my bridge officers.

Sadly, this was far from what happened.

When I entered a ground map (P'Jem, for the curious) and engaged the first group of Klingons, I had expected that the melee-equipped BO's would move forward into melee range with the enemy targets to engage.

Instead, they sat there, unmoving, as they were hit repeatedly by ranged weapon fire from NPC's that were directly in front of them, 15-25m away, with no obstructing terrain preventing movement.

The few of the NPC's that actually came within melee range of the BO's on their own were attacked by Bat'leth-weilding Federation BO's in a satisfying display, however as soon as they were knocked out of melee range, the Bat'leths were holstered, and the stand-and-be-hit behaviour resumed.

If melee weapons can be equipped on the single-weapon-slot Bridge Officers, can we please have them show the wherewithall to move into the appropriate range to use them?
Lt. Commander
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03-30-2010, 09:08 AM
Try giving your tactical officers the "lunge" ability. I don't know if that will help, I admit that I've never tried giving them melee weapons.

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