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# 1 PVP space and Gnd combat
03-29-2010, 08:21 PM
Ok I have not noticed if a subject like this was/is posted but I have a issue. I have probably played upwards of 20 or so PVP, both in space, such as the capture and hold. And Ground like on the derelict Cardassian ship. I am serious when I say I have only won 5 or 6 Space combat games and 0 Ground. It always seems that the Klingon's are SOOOOO damned powerful. I've seen 1 ship take out 2 or 3 Fed's, and I mean strong decent Fed ships. On the Ground its always so out numbered, I ran in to some small character I got off the first shot, second and when he turned around...he shot and I was dead. How does this happen, and please don't say $hitty player or something like that, are the "bad guys" (live players) ment to be more powerful?

Heavy Escort

Dual Disruptor, Dual Plasma beams
Fore & Aft Quantum Torps
Mk V Shields
3 Tac consoles for Plasma, Disruptor and Quant Torps +14 Average
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# 2
03-30-2010, 05:18 AM
I assume you are talking about Tier 1 / Tier PvP. That's all I can speak to.

Here's a couple of things. First and maybe most important, Cannons shred shields. That's just a fact. I have yet to see a shield array at this level that can stand up against a full on volley, Rapid Fire, Attack Pattern Alpha, Fully charged Cannon attack. Even my little Nova Science ship with really good shields can't stand up to this punishment.

If you look at the numbers, two dual heavy cannons each do 287 points of damage per volley (more or less depending on power). At worst, that's 500+ damage with a single volley.

Second, I have yet to see a BoP armed with anything less than 2 cannon banks. Some go dual heavy and toprs, others mix it up with different cannon types. My point being that you will always face cannons when you face a Klingon BoP or Raptor. And of course at Tier 2, Rapid fire is available. You can bet that every Klingon you face will have this SA.

Third, feds are at a disadvantage with weapons in the early Tier 2 area. The best you can get are Mk3 weapons right off the bat. Those you have to go to SB 39 and buy. If you use your Badge of Exploration 1st class, you can only get Mk2 weapons. You have to earn some BOE 2 class before you can upgrade to Mk4. Even then, you can't start earning those badges right away either. I have no idea when the Hiromi cluster becomes available, but until it get my meaning.

Klingons, on the other hand, can buy Mk4 weapons as soon as they get their new ship. As a Part time Klingon, I haven't dug too closely to see if Plasma weapons can be gotten this way.The point being, Klingons get more firepower and better weapons right away. Makes it really easy to kill fed ships.

I am pretty sure this is the case at each tier (weapons I mean)

I cannot say if this covers everything. It does, though, give you an idea for what you are seeing.

FYI: As an LT 9 Klingon, I face the same thing with my Baby BoP. The big boys use me to increase their stats :-)
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03-30-2010, 08:07 AM
Oh yeah...1 more thing.

Klingons rely almost exclusively on Cannon Weapons. The're so powerful, you pretty much don't need torpedoes (I personally prefer having 1 torpedo bank on board. Don't use it very often, though)

Federation ships rely almost exclusively on Phaser / Disruptor weapons. They do half the damage, or less, of a dual heavy cannon.
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03-30-2010, 10:56 AM
Well if one kling was able to take out 3 feds then they were not strong or decent players.

Ground combat the reason you died was because you were exposed and exploited. Once exposed you can be killed usually with the special attack of an exploiting weapon like a sniper rifle or split beam rifle. What you should do is carry around something like phaser stun pistol(it doesn't always expose) and a split beam or sniper and try to expose people. Rifle butting also has a chance to expose as well as a lot of sci officer abilities.

I'm a sci officer on my kling and I carry around a sniper rifle and split beam rifle since my kit gives me a lot of abilities that has a chance to expose.

If your an eng; drop mines they slow and knockdown the enemies or make turrets and other fabs to mess up targeting. Use cover shield to block doors so your team can escape.

Wear energy dampening armor and try to get a shield with the proc that does knockbacks if you take damage. Also run if your out numbered a try and find the right opportunity to strike. Oh and hide behind crap; don't stand in the open and let klings focus on you.

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