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# 1 Food for thought - STO
03-31-2010, 04:05 PM
What if STO endgame content had much larger system space instances? Provide us an open and expansive world combat dynamic both pvp and pve players can enjoy. Areas that allow for low warp, maybe between specific locations w/o leaving the instance. Possibly a cluster of star bases or even an entire system?

I read somewhere our solar system would be available soon.

Using that as an example of what I mean scaled down to low-lvl content

sol system could be several large bases on the moon and then mars has a settlement with orbiting space station star fleet has mining operations in Saturn's belt & mothball ship yard around Jupiter.

I don't know train in the holo deck against the Klingons in a set of battle scenarios.. trade training medals for gear aboard mars space station... Fight off hologram ships attacking the mining operation.. then visit some cool old ships preserved by star fleet

Or even just expand upon the war zone model we currently have in game to include friendly npc's and mob's leading to smaller PVP & STF instances

Go ahead expand

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