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03-31-2010, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
It will what?

Also, until Cryptic posts anything like this they are developing.. I assume NOTHING with them.

Better to say something than assume that it has already been said in some board room somewhere...and hope something happens.
You don't have to assume, but you can see what they have right now, and deduce to logical reasoning that this is most likely something they will implement this year.
They have said nothing about it, but they have everything in place to do it.
It would be very unlikely, EXTREMELY improbably that not one person at cryptic mentioned it.
And even MORE unlikely (after the above event) that someone at cryptic didn't take it to the next level and thought "What would it take to implement something like this".
Human thought doesn't work that way.

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