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Say what you want but space bar or ctrl+space bar and auto fire just makes the game fly by the sit of your pants when you get within 10K too fast.

You can't just say “well you don't like it don't use space bar or ctrl+space bar” but thats just it hitting space bar or ctrl+space bar is faster then me clicking the remove space bar or ctrl+space bar and make it so everyone uses mouse click? Well no because I know games that do this and your finger will hurt.

So what other way can we do this but still be fun, new, most will like and with more skill.... how about this.

Hover the mouse over the weapon and use space bar to fire it but if the mouse is not over the weapon when you press space bar it will not fire, now that on its own is not really fun so you could use the right click to select weapons to fire a combo but allow that to fire without the mouse over the weapons after you set the combo when you press space bar but once fired you have to re-select the weapons to fire again.

Bridge Crew powers can stay the same with left click.

Just an idea.
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03-31-2010, 02:46 PM
That wouldn't work for me. At higher tiers, my mouse is too busy. I also don't spam the spacebar.

My power bar has all 3 rows filled. I'm using the mouse to pan the camera to stay aware of my surroundings as well as click other powers (other than attacks).

At the same time, I'm steering with the keys. I don't spam the spacebar to attack (although I did at the lower tiers). I actually use the number keys and select my attacks.

The above keeps me more interactive in battle, and I have to think ahead.

Clicking an attack to arm it and then hitting space to fire it would be too tedious. Just hit the corresponding number key if you don't want to spam the bar all the time.

Nobody's forced to use the "Fire All....." functions.
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03-31-2010, 05:22 PM
Nobody's forced too but when you get players in PVP its why your so busy the whole point is to slow players attacks and make it more so you have to use skill.

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