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# 8 Time will tell.
04-02-2010, 02:57 PM
Hmm, this is either going to be a good idea or a complete disaster. I tend to lean toward the latter given previous experiences in MMOs. It usually ends up a "mobocracy" with the wants of the few taking precedence and the majority getting alienated. Similar thing happened, in a less official capacity, in SWG. SOE devs, who admitedly had already hefted the nerf stick, only paid attention to one group in particular and..well, it didn't go well. I like this game and think, with work, it has great potential so hopefully these individuals are reasonable, intelligent people who care more about the game than pushing their own agendas. We'll just need to see, wont we?
And yes.. ALL Starfleet!! Really Cryptic? TThat's fair. Off to a GREAT start ^^

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