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04-04-2010, 09:17 AM
C.R.U.D. is a mature fleet who is now recruiting for any player 18+ years of age or older. There is no Rank requirement and no Class requirement. We hold weekly events for any players serious enough to reach Rear Admiral 5 and run Task Forces almost nightly. We help our lowbie players and we have four players within the Fleet who are extremely knowledgeable in which there is no question asked that we can not answer. If any players are having a tough time with a mission, there is always somebody available to help them out.

We encourage our lowbies to enjoy the game, communicate with fleet members and reach max rank so that they can join us in our weekly events and nightly Task Farces. Several of our Fleet Members, including myself, PvP on a regular basis and can assist any of our players in learning the PvP ropes. Part of our weekly events includes a PvP in which we reward the winners of our contests with fun little perks of our own.

We tolerate absolutely zero disrespect, whether it be with other Fleet Members or other players. Unprovoked disrespect to any player in game will result in automatic and immediate termination from the Fleet. Every single last person in our Fleet are extremely kind, but at the same time we keep it fun with our own goofiness and down right silly atmosphere.

We have players who play all hours of night, so logging in and not finding somebody on would be a challenge in itself. We accept any player from any country within an English speaking barrier. There is no racism and no discrimination against anyone for their sexual orientation or race. Concerning sexual preference, we hold a don't ask, don't tell policy to prevent any possible issues that however improbable, could ever possibly arise.

Contact me via Email @Wraiven for any further info and or invite to the Fleet and have a great day!

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