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This evening Synergy attempted to help a few fleet members do the Crystalline Entity and we gathered 11 Rear Admiral 5's to help the LCDR and CDR's that needed it. Due to the new patch that came out just over a week ago we were unable to get all get in the same instance, because we are now separated by level so fleets can no longer help its lower lower level members in some places.

This seems to be an anti-fleet move and it should be changed. The change I propose is that people be allowed to create private fleet action instances and allow the creator decide who is allowed in without the same rank requirement.
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04-03-2010, 07:45 PM
I support this, so many uses for private fleet instances
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04-04-2010, 10:55 AM
I think the intention here is for the Crystalline Entity to remain challenging regardless of your level. That's one of the reasons these fleet actions are level banded now. Here's the information again for reference:

* Fleet actions are now level banded to make scoring fairer and more challenging for all players. Players who enter a fleet action mission will be sent to an instance with players within a specific level range and enemies on the map will be scaled appropriately. Rewards are also now scaled based on the level band of the Fleet Action you are sent to. This change also makes many Fleet Actions playable for all levels of players, although Fleet Actions still have a minimum level requirement based on the initial mission that offers you the Fleet Action.

So, whether you're a Read Admiral or a Lieutenant Commander, the difficulty of the encounter should remain roughly the same (granted, you have more options available to you as you rank up), and in return you receive rewards that are on-par with your level band. I understand your complaint - this removes your ability to carry lower level members through the encounter. But you should understand that wasn't by accident, it was intentional. The goal is to keep the encounter from becoming trivial, and if you're carrying lower level fleet members through the encounter then making it trivial for them is exactly what you're doing. You and your fleet members may be ok with that, but obviously the designers aren't. And by preventing you from doing this, the new design is working exactly as intended.

That said, it doesn't seem to always be functioning properly. I just got out of a Crystalline Entity fleet action where everyone was Lieutenant Commander ranked, except for one Captain-ranked individual who had somehow ended up in the same instance. That's a pretty significant separation in levels.

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