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04-04-2010, 04:30 PM
Oh don't get me started on psionic damage... As Ferengi, I should be 90 % resistant to that in the first place, and not need the field of stupid to reduce psi damage (well, or not). I found a situation where enemies stay in it yesterday, and its as useless as it can get. On the Ice Mining planet, I made it to put the shield on a Klingon on the ground, while standing on the edge of the spawning area. Awesome, I reduced the damage output of an enemy that couldn't target me!
Brings me to another request for a melee action... We have punches and the rifle butt, and a high kick. What we truly need is a low kick. To kick the field of stupid, all the senseless generators our bugged eng BOs spam, cover shields... Just to let out the frustration.

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