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Since the STO website activated the My Characters feature, I decided to start this thread where we will link our characters to be "rated" by the community. Please remember, this is all in fun and take this seriously at your own peril!

On to the rating process. It's really quite simple, as we'll have just 3 possible items to rate:
  1. The character's name
  2. The character's appearance
  3. The character's biography
Each of these items can be voted on, so we'd get a +1 (like) or -1 (dislike). Nothing too fancy Eventually, each character will be marked with a number ranging between +3 and -3, by each evaluator. When you evaluate the character above you, please be brief in your evaluation, and then include one of your characters to be evaluated.

I guess I'll go first, and... please format your entry in the following way:
  • Character's Full Name: George "Trojan" Sapien

  • Character's Link: > Here <

  • Character's Biography:
    • Trojan Sapien (TS Mk I), a humanoid organic android, was originally created as a cybernetic weapon platform designed to infect Borg drones and shut down their implants thus liberating entire Borg populations without a fight.

      The project has gone very well until the unit was hit with an energy pulse emitted by an unidentified device (Starfleet suspects Section 31 involvement), and the unit was shut down.

      As a lab technician attempted to investigate the faulty unit, the TS-1 rose and quickly shot its anti-assimialtion tendrils into the unsuspecting human. The result was incredible since TS-1's "brain" has somehow melded with the personality of one former lab technician George Kensington!

      Starfleet's evaluation of the former TS-1 unit has determined it would be best to recruit TS-1 to Starfleet and put him on a scientific career path. And so, on Stardate 87685.63, Ensign George Trojan Sapien was assigned to the U.S.S. Epiphany, only to become her captain a few hours later!

      This is their on-going story...

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# 2
04-06-2010, 09:46 AM
Ok I'll give this a shot.
Name: +- 0, george sapien doesn't roll of the tongue but calling him Trojan was cool.
Look: +1 interesting looking character
Bio: +1 good bio makes calling him Trojan very appropiate.


My Character

Full Name: Arwynn Alexandra Davion

Character link: Here

((Random RP ok, telepathy and empathy without contact not possible ask if curious why.))

Little is known of Arwynn before she joined starfleet. Starfleet Inteligence
Believes she may be one of several dozen escaped genetically enhanced super soldier prototypes created by Amar Singh.

Singh using sperm and ova of several alien species, selectively bred the chracteristics he wanted in his subjects. Having attained his genetic template from subjects with no mental capacity, Singh then tried to raise his first mentally capable sibko of specimens.

Failure to breed in control mechanisms lead to the children having more independant control then was wanted. Intel beleives at around 16 years of age the children coordinated a mass escape, 50 are beleived to have fled the facility, perhaps 10 are alive today.

If Intel is correct Arwynn's true age may be older then stated in her file, the nature of this augmentation process is not fully understood by Starfleet Medical and thus they cannot confirm or deny if she is indeed augmented.

During her Acadamey training Arwynn demonstrated that she already had a mastery of both Klingon and Vulcan martial arts as well as reflexes recorded as being suspicously above average.

Unlike most of her fellow officers Arwynn's Acadamey and service record to date are less spotless. During an Acadamey training mission her away team was ambushed by Klingon's.
Upon investigation by Starfleet the other cadets testified that the Klingon's proclaimed Arwynn " a strategic resource belongin to the Empire" The full account has been classified by Starfleet Intelligence, although it is widely known this is when she got the scars on her left eye.

Rumours say several Klingon Houses have sworn a Blood Oath to avenge there fallen bretheren.

Under normal conditions most officers would be dischared, perhaps Starfleet Intel or even the rumoured Section 31 have their own reasons for ensuring that she remains a member of Starfleet.

thats my ingame bio, my bio on my fleet site is more elaborate now.
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# 3 Captain Hugh Gordon
04-06-2010, 04:32 PM
my turn!
Arwynn Alexandra Davion
Name: +1 I love the name, good SF/Fan name
Picture -1: I couldn't see a picture, no offence
Bio: +2: Good use of ST lore, including augments, Klingons, Section 31.
Result +3

My Character

Commander Hugh Avi Gordon
Current Assignment, Commanding Officer, USS Terrenia
Link: HERE
Born in an alternate 1977, Hugh Gordon was rescued from a plane crash by the USS Nogura, a Galaxy class starship. Since Hugh was supposed to die in the crash, dubious Federation researchers decided it was not against the Temporal Prime Directive to save him. Starfleet apparently made an error with its temporal travel device on the Nogura because the ship had been transported into an alternate past where the 1990s were not dominated by Khan Noonian Singh and augments. Unfortunately, the Nogura was hijacked by the Tal Shiar upon returning to the 24th Century and Hugh assisted in the recapture of the Nogura by the Enterprise-D. Hugh joined Starfleet upon learning that there was a whole galaxy to explore and married a half Betazoid/half Deltan doctor also in Starfleet who currently serves as his ship's CMO. He does, however miss cherry cola.
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# 4
04-06-2010, 05:37 PM
Commander Hugh Avi Gordon - Not a fan of the middle name, kinda sounds strange, sorry. +/-0
Looks good, like a tactical officer should. +1
Biography - win. I would miss cherry cola, too. +1


My character (ignore the messed up short name, I won't pay for a name change)

Name: Theben Irian

Agent Irian was born on Betazed with unsual strong telepathic and empathic talents.
Unable to control them and permanently confronted with the emotions of people around him, he spent most of his childhood in isolation. When he was 16, a group of Vulcan scientists offered his parents to train him; and they took the only chance they saw to give their son a normal life. They agreed to transfer the child custody to the Vulcan Science Counsil.
The Vulcans succeeded in their goal - just not like Theben's parents had hoped. Until their sudden and unexpected death they blamed the Vulcans for turning their son into a cold, unemotional stranger; a tool of their own 'classified' interests.

Theben Irian became Agent 12 of the Jupiter Department, officially a wing of Starfleet Intelligence, responsible for 'internal affairs' - a spy amongst his own people, keeping a telepathic eye on the loyalty of high ranking Starfleet personell. A man without a name, without a file, and without emotions - so he says.
(Full length version in my sig)
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# 5
04-06-2010, 05:55 PM
Name: Theben Irian +0 its ok
Looks +1 I like the risky big forhead, not many can wear that look and not seem.. goofy
Bio: +1 not bad, kinda weird.

Name: Forge McCain
STO site link, STO Geekpideia

"McCain is useful like a mean dog is useful. We will sic him on our enemies but I swear to you there will come a day that we regret this."
Admiral Quinn, after granting Forge McCain’s reactivation .
Forge McCain and his Mirror Universe counterpart switched places accidentally early in his Imperial/Starfleet career. He 'went native' and looked forward to an unremarkable life in a relatively peaceful universe.

Forge reported his true origins after the Oklahoma's original commander was lost in action, placing him in command. His exemplary, if eccentric, record has kept him in command. In addition, certain more agressive elements in Starfleet Command find he can be relied upon for tasks other officers would be squeamish about.

He is still one of the strangest officers in Starfleet, keeping many of his home customs on his ship, straining his relationship with Starfleet Command, despite his crew's relative fondness for their commander's odd and aggressive nature.

[the geekapideia version is MUCH better.]

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