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I would really like to get past this mission but am stuck at the 4 transformer part on the ground.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've read some strategies on the forums but they don't work or I get the wrong group for them.

What I am proposing is that every one who has passed this part reply with their WORKING strategy.

That way people who haven't passed it have a reference of all strategies, so if one doesn't work they can try another.

Maybe one would work with a certain group that wouldn't work with another. That way there is a list so people can go through and try different ones.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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# 2
04-04-2010, 02:08 PM
Ok buddy il try to go through it step by step as my initial guide was maybe a bit vague.

1. Have 1 player assigned to trani 1 and the other 4 spread out around the point the first drones will spawn (so some of you will get flanking shots).

2. Activate 1 and drop all phaser turrets and mortars ect, then as the drones spawn the player assigned to trani 1 should deal with the workers while the other 4 should kill the node then the weaker ftr drones.

3. Kill all the ftr drones but the elite and send the player assigned to 2 to activate 2, move towards 2 with your team while killing the first elite and drop more turrets ect near it.

4. As the drones at 2 spawn have the guy assigned to 2 focus on the workers while the rest of you kill the new node and weaker drones.

OK so far you should have a player assigned to 1 who can watch 1 (but can fire at the drones near 2 as well if he is ok to do so), a player assigned to 2 knocking away and killing workers, and the rest of your team should be near 2 killing the weaker drones.

Number 3 is the tricky part.

1. As soon as 3 is able to be activated one player should RUN TO 4 AND GET OUT OF SIGHT, while your engineer/s should drop turrets on the oposite side of the path to 3.

2. Activate 3 after all is in place (it seems long when i type it but all that should take seconds tbh) and DO NOT fire on the drones that spawn (the drones at 3 spawn INSTANTLY the trani activates unlike 1 and 2 that are delayed).

3. DO NOT fire on the ftr drones at 3, in fact you can hide behind a mushroom (at the first set of 4) and on a rock (at the second set of 4) until the workers spawn and then just focus on knocking them away without aggroing the ftr drones.

4. As soon as number 4 can be activated the guy at 4 should break cover and activate it, then he should focus on knocking workers away as well when they spawn.


Numbers 1 and 2 are reasonably easy as you only need knock away workers really so a tactical guy on these is ok (beam down your escort guys right by the node and there is a chance they will knock away approaching workers as well.. Thinking about it id say the player at 2 could help by being good at hand to hand as he may be left with a elite tac to deal with along with workers but it is not essential.

Either way just remember that most solo players would need a looooooong time to kill a elite and they do hit hard so knocking him on his butt along with the workers OR drawing him away from you with your tactical guys escorts or engineers turrets (depending on what type of player you have most of) is a good idea.

Number 3 can be a pain and turrets obviously help pull aggro from you so 2 engineers or 1 engineer and a tac (tactical initiative will allow him to beam down 4 escorts to draw aggro but do it after the drones spawn or they may beam back up). Just remember to drop the turrets and security squads so they pull aggro away from the transformer not towards it, so you avoid the scatter shots ect from the borg.

I tend to send the medic to 4 and its a pretty easy job as well, just make sure he does not have aggro or a DOT that prevents him activating the trani.

If there are any other specifics you need let me know.:p

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 3
04-05-2010, 05:45 AM
I just did The Cure first time with my sci and my engi in a row (I must be crazy because i needed ~18 hours for this).
Strategy was in both cases the same with some small differences:
The whole group killed alltogether the first spawn as fast as possoble, then one player activated tower 2, 3, 4 as fast as possible while the others defended the towers, one player at each tower and the last one helped where it was most critical.

While doing it with my sci I was the only healer and the one who activated the towers. After I activated the last tower I killed one worker who came to the fourth tower and ran then between all towers to heal the others.

While doing it with my engi it was a bit harder. For time reasons we killed the first group together but let the strongest borg from the first group alive and just pulled him away from the first tower which I defended with two repel rifles. I helped also from distance a bit at tower 2 when my tower was free.

From my PoV to have one healer is the only real important thing. He must activate the towers and then run between all towers to heal the others, best is if he don't shot so that he don't get aggro.

Having purple kits and tons of hypos and shields is of course explicit duty for all.
I suggest also to use the rare incombat-hp-regen x2 tribble and not the borg tribble because staying alive is more important than dps.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 4 Finished thank you everybody.
04-06-2010, 06:45 PM
I would get on and play tonight but I'm almost asleep.

Stayed up an hour too long last night , work's got me burnt now lol.

I just wanted to pop on real quick and let everyone know the helpful hints in this thread helped me.

The Cure is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found a group that new the info that was posted here, took a little while of mixing and matching who goes to which transformer and replacing a dropper.

I was finally the transformer 4 guy.

It's done. Just in time for the next stf.

Thank you a ton guys.

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