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Fellow Officers!

Our task force is looking for shield manipulation specialist, to counter the Klingon threat, that is spreading in the Neutral Zone.

We are no fleet. We are Shield Manipulation Specialist who form into task forces for one porpuse: To send all Klingon warriors to Khales as soon as possible.

Our focus is, that together as a task force - using advanced tactics in shield manipulation - to neutralize the enemy as a team, not as individuals.
Our common interest and expertise in the defensive arts combined with special tactics, makes us unique in starfleet.
Our power is not in the damage that we can cause in 1 second. But the damage we do over time without being banished from space.

If you feel up for the task to work in teams, follow tactics, and orders and you have the dedication, to focus your skills on Shield Manipulation, then enlist yourself.

We will work in secret
We will spread fear
We will restore the honor of Starfleet
We will prevail

Best Regards,

Admiral Kud Redin
USS Kyra


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