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# 1 New Rp Fleet! Alien Based!
04-07-2010, 04:06 PM
The idea is that the fleet is largely made up of the refugees from a war torn planet in the Beta Quadrant.

The Acaadians come from the planet Accadia III, a planet in a system near the Alpha Quadrant border. The planet is 95% water, and the planet's clans war with one another for control of the minimal land masses. A group of parents decided to send their children away from the lifetime of death and war, and send them on a ship programmed to take them to the nearest Federation settlement. The ship was discovered by a passing Federation science vessel, which then took them back to Starfleet Command. The children, some already in adolescence, showed great aptitude for science and technology. It was decided they would be educated on Earth and then be given the opportunity to enter Academy. From there, being the only of their kind in Starfleet, requested they be assigned together whenever possible.

How to Create:

Create a new character, with Alien as your race, then use the following

Category: Humanoid

Head Type: Humanoid 1

Skin: Greyish Blue

Overall Pattern: Zivir

Base Complexion: Lissepian 02

Forehead Detail: Jem'Hadar 100%

Nose Detail: Lissepian

Eyes: reflective(black)

Ears: Denobulan 03

Hair: None

Eyebrow: None

I have extensive Role Playing experience as well as a great deal of experience with guild leadership. I had run a few successful RP guilds during my time on WOW. I very much look forward to making new friends and building a fleet together. I am open to discssion and ideas about this new race, as well as fleet theme and missions, etc.

Please post here or message Tir@PatrickM69037
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# 2
04-07-2010, 04:10 PM
I would say take it here

but I see you already did. so what gives?
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# 3
04-07-2010, 04:22 PM
Takes guts to openly flaunt the unspoken yet frequently yelled Ten Forward Forum Laws.

I like that...

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