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04-08-2010, 05:36 PM
Starfleet Operations / Sto'Vo'Kor fleet has started hosting formal interfleet PvP competitions. We did not expect the private match system to be so... broken. The PvP event is a week long tournament organized through the PvPEC chat channel in-game, and any fleet wanting to participate needs only to send someone to the chat channel to organize a match, and have at least a 5man team ready to fight, regardless of faction. It ends on the 15th of April, at midnight. We are posting the scoreboard results to the forum for all to see, in order to generate more interest for future such events.

This threat details what must be done in order to use the private PvP match creator, and what to do in order to make it actually work.

When setting up a private match between two fleet teams, say for a tournament, the process is extremely complicated and time consuming, and that's before you count all the possible pitfalls of player behavior.

1.) Your team must be ready and waiting, not entering any other queues, and not moving from zone to zone. (boring)

2.) You must have everyone you want to invite either in a chat channel with thenr name@handle available, or in your fleet, or in your friends list. We have also assigned a particular neutral system to be present in, to reduce lag issues and make finding name@handle quite a bit easier on those of us who do the organizing and logistics.

i.) If you add people to your fleet/friends list to do this, it gets full extremely fast and becomes very difficult to find people, and you can still only invite them one at a time, opening and closing the invite window repeatedly.

ii.) typing out the name@handle individually is time consuming, especially because some people have names like: L'o'n'g'n'a'm'e'f'u'l'l'o'f's'p'e'c'i'a'l'c'h'a'r' s@somethingridiculousfollowedby4256458425239040549 852940
it would be much better to be able to click people's names once the roster window is opened, and invite them directly to the roster.

iii.) even if you have everyone organized and prepared, and on a voice system, being the person in charge of setting up a team for such an event becomes nearly impossible as typing out the individual name@handle or sorting through a list or whatever gets constantly interrupted by questions and banter, and names often passs quickly off a chat scroll, requiring even more time to search back and find them. This is because people are bored of waiting so long trying to get in.

3.) You cannot be already teamed with the people you invite to the list. This is absolutely ridiculous. It would be so much simpler if you could just invite a whole team at once by inviting the team leader. Teaming to get people to a central location, unteaming, then inviting manually one by one, entering the match, and then reinviting everyone to the team ends up taking three times longer than actually fighting the match.

4.) the PvP Queue window that you MUST open in order to create the match MUST be closed again in order to start the match. This is absolutely confounding. I cannot understand why one window would utterly disable another. It's quite counterintuitive and took us a while of experimenting to figure it out.

5.) Every individual player on the list must separately click "ready" in order for the match to start. With all the previously mentioned complications, if it takes longer than 30 minutes to get everyone to click "ready" from the moment the private match roster has been opened, the match times out and you must start over from the beginning.

Now, all of those things combined results in nobody wanting to use the system a second time. Even so, after using it once and getting EVERYONE involved familiar with why it's bulky and complex and time consuming, the second time through might only take twenty minutes to set up, once you know the entire process. That said, matches generally last six to ten minutes.

Please do some work on this so we can, player-side, strengthen the community and keep the population up and rising. Thank you.

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