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Try the nebula and exploration missions may not like doing them but lol its all we have.
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I've got a 2nd KDF character, and I do notice that PvP occurs a whole lot less these days. Combine that with the SP reward nerf from PvP, longer PvP sessions (namely Salvage Ops) it becomes less enticing.
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my best way for leveling up is the mirror universe incursion
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Originally Posted by mhayden1200 View Post
my best way for leveling up is the mirror universe incursion
It's dead, Jim.
Because true Starfleet Captains command Exploration Cruisers!
Thank you Cryptic for finally giving me MY SHIP!!!
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simply put. Do Things.

you can level in PvE or PvP or both. Do leave a slot for a toon for when the new tutorial pops up. They'll be a bit of a retcon of the previous character start story (not that there was much of one.) but its worth doing just for the story and the I haven't seen it yet, but honestly I cant see the cryptic team doing less then a Yoman job on what can best be described as a KDF reboot for all practical purpouses.

It'll take you less then 40 hours of play right now to hit the level cap playing KDF. The new tutorial and additional level will add maybe a day, But you'll still likely be likely to push to the level cap in a weks of play. After that you be doing dilithium grinding while your whipping out rep missions for all the end game stuff.

(I have personally never like just how blazingly fast and easy it is to level in STO.. *sigh*... )

only advice I can really give.

Get your missions
run your missions

repeat untill you get where you want to go.

The story chains for the most part are the fastest, and typically easiest missions.

Have at it! Just like ships, there is no best one, or easiest way. Most efficient way is to just follow the mission log, and if you run into a gap in progression (not high nuff level for the next mission in an arc) go hit some of the KDF deep space encounter zones. and some of the low level fleet actions.
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Hello, This is @Norisman, the short version to the OP question Fastest Way Up as a Klingon please refer to this reply:
( I suggest that you refer to the Hilbert's Guide at

For a more in depth, verbose and rather loquacious version refer to the content below lol

OK so this is the long version lol, I started with Cryptic way back in 2004 in CoH and followed Cryptic to Champions On line to get to STO way back in the Early Bird Pre-Order in 2008, I signed up for the closed beta with Cryptic' s Champion on line closed beta to get a guaranteed spot in the up and coming STO closed beta, (been there done that) and was invited to the STO closed beta test in 2009/10, as well as the open beta test and Head Start, 1 week before the game went to alpha/retail in early 2010; As well as signing up as a life time account aka LTA membership, so I have a little experience with STO. lol

I was very disappointed in the KDF aspect of STO from the start, I had planed to play a Klingon as my primary from day one, as I am and always will be a Klingon at hart, but as we all found out the hard way, that wasn't an option in the early days of STO alpha S1. so I reluctantly started a Fed just so I could unlock the Klingon character selection. Once I got my Klingon up and going, I was yet again very disappointed in the KDF aspect of STO, us KDF players have always seemed to be the unwanted, unappreciated redheaded step children of STO. leveling as a KDF in the early days of Season 1 was tedious to say the lest, but with much determination and dogged tenacity and very limited PvE content with many bugs, glitches to endure and not to mention under developed KDF PvE mission content, so PvP was almost the only viable way to gain experience points in the leveling grind. So here we are several months into Season 7 as we look forward to Season 8 and the LoR ex-pack.

3 years and 7 seasons later the KDF have received some, (not much) but some very much needed PvE content. As of to date, I have a total of 12 characters all at level 50; 6 KDF and 6FED. Why 6 of each? you may be wondering, well that is so I can have one of each class, tac, eng and sci for PvP and PvE skill builds. each type of game play style content has deferant dynamics and so in turn you need to build your captain skill sets, bridge officer skill sets and duty officer skill sets and proper ship type; with the appropriate equipment, weapons, consoles and gear for both space and ground configurations. Specifically for the type of game play you intend to be focusing on with that character, PvP or PvE. ( That is if you don't want to be spending money on buying Captain Respec Tokens.)

So I suggest that you refer to the Hilbert's Guide at

For the recommended and or suggested builds pertaining to PvP and or PvE. By using the PVP Escort/Cruiser builds and the PvEscort/Cruiser section of the guide will greatly speed up your leveling process by mixing in both the PvP and PvE space mission in your XP grind for leveling up to 50.

P.S. Special Note: Be aware that the PvP build will work OK in the PvE content, but the PvE builds will not work so well in the PvP content. (a pure PvP build will accelerate at PvP content but may be notably less successful at PvE, and Visa Versa PvE builds will accelerate at PvE content but will be noticeably less successful at PvP content.) So keep that in mind when deciding what content you prefer to be your primary interest and focus on that type of content while leveling, ((you can always do a RESPEC later on.))

P.S.S. The PvEscort/Cruiser Build also works very well in the post lvl50 Special Task Force aka STF space missions for grinding the Romulus & Omega Reputation system to get the coveted Mk XII purple 3pc sets of all 3 types, Borg, M.A.C.O. and Omega for both space as well as ground gear items ASAP.

Even though I am in a great Fleet and enjoy group/team aspect of the STO game play.
I am more of a PvE soloist more so than a Fleet/Group/Team type player, when it comes to the leveling aspect of the game. but as they say "To each his/her own".

As for my personal preferences I played the first FED and KDF characters from level 1-50 doing 100% of all the PvE/PvP space and ground content that was available in STO at the time. SO as to enjoy all the aspects and content of this awesome game.

BUT! as far as regarding the other 10 alt characters I speed leveled them all from 1-50 in about 3 days of game play time aka (about 72 hours in game play time per character.)

OK So here is my #1 recommended/suggested way to speed level in STO.

The Tactical Captain (Pure PvE Space Spec) for maximum DPS and Speed leveling:

Step #1 Character Creation selections:
Faction either FED or KDF works the same for both factions, just have to tweak the build a little to compensate for faction differences, but not a problem.

Step #2 Class: (TACTICAL), will work very well for both Engineers and Science class, just have to tweak the build a little to compensate for class/role differences, but not a problem.

Race: Alien, all 4 traits in space attributes;
#1 Accuracy +10%
#2 Efficient Captain +15% Warp Core Efficiency
#3 Techie +10% Hull Repair
#4 Warp Core Specialist +10 WC +10 Power

(If you prefer a more tankish / survivability build for either PvE or PvP type content then you can substitute (Elusiveness for a +10% Defense for #2,#3 or #4, but it is imperative that you keep ACC for the +10 accuracy boost) It stacks on top of all space ship weapons that have [Acc] (if you miss more than you hit, then having the max damage of a weapon is irrelevant lol.) I found that this works well with Tactical, Engineer and Science Captains Class depending on what role you are most interested in play as. (works better for Support Roles) such as Team Tank/Heal/Buff/Repair (Cruiser Builds) and or Science Captain/Ships for Crowd Control and Zone Denial.

But!!! for a pure PvE Space Spec Build for maximum speed leveling via 100% space missions content, The Tactical Captain in the Escort Class ships is by far the best for maximum Damage Per Second Output and this my friends is the name of the game in PVE.

OK so now then, you have a brand spanking new character ready to get started in that speed level grind.

At first you will not be able to Queue up for either the PvE or PvP Space P.U.G missions aka Pick Up Group. until you get to lvl21, so whether your a FED or a KDF just run around the starter zone and do as many of the Tutorial missions in both ground and space as you can to get to lvl21 ASAP. Once you rank up to level 21 you can now access both the PvE and PvP Space missions

(I suggest you try to focus on Space related missions more so than ground related missions when you can)

Remember this is a 100% pure space spec build, it's not designed for ground missions, but you will still be able to do ground missions, but your not going to be as awesome on the ground as you will be in space. so run the PvE and PvP mission chains starting from the Tutorial and keep working them as you level up.

By completing 100% of both the PvE episode missions and as many of the PvP missions as possible and repeating the ones that pay out the highest XP and or Reward Items and or drop loot as needed as the recommended/suggested gear as referred to in the Hilbert's Guide as previously mentioned.

(All the needed gear/items you will need are available from missions if you lack the monetary recourses to buy them from the Exchange, Dilithium Vendor's (Shop NPC's) or the Cryptic/PWE C-Store.)

Now then with all that said and done. Keep running as many Space related PvE and PvP missions as you can, while you are in between the Daily Events Missions for the
(( Now pay close attention here this is the secret key to speed leveling 1-50 in 3 days aka 72hrs in game play time)) (((MIRROR UNIVERS INCURSION EVENT))) currently this is the highest XP Gain Per Hour of game play available in the game.

The trick is not to focus so much on just running the Mirror Universe Incursion event at what ever level you are pre-level 21-39. which is still a very great XP per hour ratio.

For the maximum XP per Hour Gain, you will need to buy a few XP Boosters from the C-Store and get a lvl50 friend to invite you to a team, so you get bumped up to the lvl40-50 aspect of the Mirror Universe Incursion, (if you have 4 lvl50 friends available to team up with you so as to be able to speed burn down all the Mirror ships to complete the missions ASAP the better.)

((This is very important))
Once your lvl50 team has killed the (Boss ship) don't waste time clearing out the rest of the ships in the area, just exit map and re Queue ASAP. Only do a clear all map on the very last mission of the event hour.

I have been on a 5 Tac Advanced Escort Team that was able to clear all ships and Boss ship in about 5-10 minutes per mission, this way you can get between 5-10 runs in the 1 hour of the event.

If you haven't achieved lvl50 by this time just keep working your way through the PvE episode mission chains until you get 100% completed as well as mixing in as much PVP space game play as you can, depending on your build type, remember this is a Tac PvEscort /Cruiser Space Spec Build for a primary focus on PVE speed leveling and may not do so well in PVP content.

So if you are more into the PVP aspect of STO, then go with a PVP focused build, just keep in mind that the PVP build from the Hilbert's Guide will not be able to do as well in the PVE aspect as for speed leveling, where as it is a very good starting point for PvP game play.

Please Take Notice this is clearly listed in the Guide as a Cookie Cutter Approach to a well rounded and balanced Escort/Cruiser Build for both PvE and or PvP. it's not going to be a Supper Duper Elite Specialist, as so many other players will dispute, debate and flat out argue with you until you both turn blue in the face about what is the best build for any class/role for either PvE and or PvP. I have spent hours/days/weeks/months and years researching this topic and I still have not found any one build that is absolutely the best of all the rest, their really is now right or wrong way to go about it, the trick is to find what works best for you and your play style so that you get the most out of the game and most importantly above all else, have fun playing it, it is a game after all and that's why we play games, to have FUN!

So by applying these suggested recommendation you will be able to speed level your character from lvl1-50 Fed and or lvl20-50 KDF in about 3 days
(aka about 72 hours in game play time) or even faster with in less time if you have a good fleet with a few lvl50 friends who will assist you with the Mirror Universe Incursion.

(((I have actually been able to get a new character set up and ready to start the MUI event at lvl21 and been able to get it to lvl50 in 4 hours in game play time via the 1 hour MUI events connectively with out doing anything else; by using the large XP Booster pack and with the help of 4 friends each running a lvl50 Tac PvEscort from the Hilbert's Guide Builds. So as to be able to speed burn down the Mirror Ships and Boss ASAP as many as up to 9-10 runs per the 1 hour event)))

Special Note: This may not be as easily available now a days in the current S7 as it was back in S6, I have noticed that the Dev.'s have changed the rotation timer on the Daily Events section regarding the Mirror Universe Incursion; back in S6 it was on a 6-8-10 and 12 hour revolving rotation timer that made it much easier and much faster to speed level a new character. where as in S7 and the most current last few weeks I have noticed the rotation timer for the MUI has been elongated to a 12+ to a 24+ hour rotation, this may be purely coincidental or by deliberate design buy the Dev.s' I am not 100% sure about this, I am still researching the topic and I will update this post as best I can when I can.

So once you get your character to lvl50, now the real fun (work) begins lol
So grind away at the Special Events, Romulus & Omega Rep system until you get tier 5 unlocked in all, so you can gain access to the Mk XII (Purple) BORG, M.A.C.O. and OMEGA 3pc sets for both Space and Ground Gear. you can do this by only running the space missions, it will be a slower proses than running both space and ground. but that is entirely up to your personal preferences.

I hope this post has been helpful if you need further assistance you are welcome to contact me in game at @Norisman, I am always happy to assist in any PVE/STF Ground or Space missions on either normal, advanced or elite difficulty stings as needed, I am not all that much into the PvP aspect of the game, but I am willing to assist as needed when I am asked politely for help either via private message /tell or by the in game mail, I am retired and spend a lot of time playing PC games, primarily MMORPG like STO and as I am a Life Time Account membership, STO is my primary PC MMORPG game, I play the most. SALUTE!

EDIT: Closed for necroing an old thread. Remember, if a thread has been inactive for 30 days, you should not post to it. Feel free to create a new thread on the subject if you would like to discuss further ~BranFlakes

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