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# 1 Respawn timers
04-09-2010, 03:43 AM
I played the Starbase 24 fleet action again last night (I have played it a few times before) and so we beam down to the Starbase and start killing things in true STO style, now last time I did this when I killed a Klingon he did not reappear 5 minutes later, this time... They did, and it was the most anti-fun experience I have ever had so far in STO, they respawned before I could accomplish my objectives on the first floor, and I have done this before, so I can only imagine the experience newcomers have with this, its been like this since one of the latest patches but at first I let it go thinking, its ok, just a bug it will be fixed.... It has not been fixed.

Later on down the line I go to the Laurentian system "Breaking the planet" and... well... yeah if you have played it you know!

Now I don't know if the respawn rates have in any way been calculated by anyone with more intelligence than a rat, however I do know they need drastically changing and or removing (expecially removing in Starbase 24)

After playing "Breaking the planet" and it taking me almost an hour longer than it should have done due to this poor mechanic, I have decided to temporarily stop playing, it seems to me my fun to rage ratio is beggining to favour the rage.

I hope you fix this soon, or if its intentional, drastically rethink this approach.

Special thanks to all the people who did "Breaking the Planet" with me, you all showed remarkable patience in light of poor game mechanics (except those 5 that left, but I don't blame them :p)

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