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04-05-2010, 02:38 AM
Actually, I found that once I got the feel for things, everything except for the last part in Ops could be handled with a little bit of strategy and choice of path. Attacking from and moving around the upper level is much safer. And if you have a team working together, it wouldn't be so bad (at the time, my team wasn't so much a team as a wave of bodies flinging themselves at Cardassians, but still using a little strategy helped). Although, I have to say, I do like the Big Dig a lot better. But you can't play through that with less than 4 players, and 6 or more is preferable.

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04-05-2010, 06:21 AM
I just did this at RA5 - it started pretty slow as I was first in and it was a while before others started joining in sufficient numbers to make progress. The waves are OK once you realize that you need to target the holo-projectors and the legates/assault legates that spawn them. I do feel the plasma grenades could be toned down a bit though, it seems like I spent half my time on fire and the dot seemed pretty heavy.

It was more fun toward the end when then the number of players grew. The assaults on the stronghold rooms were nice. But again dieing/respawning every few min to plasma dots was not so much fun. And at one point it seemed that my respawn point was inside the main cardassian group.

I did get top score, mainly because I was in there so long I guess, and got a commander level blue sci kit Scaling the FAs to different ranks is good, but shouldn't you also scale the rewards?
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04-09-2010, 06:58 AM
Scaling the rewards would be nice. I enjoy the DS9 Fleet Action.

I often find that I must provide advice to folks on how to keep the swarms of Cardassians to a manageable level. Killing the Legates, Assault Legates and Holo Projectors needs to remain the priority. Also, having someone watch for spawns behind you is helpful as they jump in from the balcony as well as spawn on their own. Getting flanked in this mission is a sure way to die. A coordinated effort (as with any battle) will surely see you through to success in this mission.

Someone asked me last night -- "When does this end???" -- while assaulting the Exchange. I simply told them to be patient and fall back when the Cadassians rush out of the room. Grind them down one Legate at a time and you can easily gain control of the situation.

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