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The Season 1 patch was supposed to include a fix to allow players to finally name their runabouts. After applying the update I found I could still not rename my runabout but I could change the registry. Every time I would ask for a rename, I would get "You do not have a ship by that name" error. I figured it was not fixed and filed a bug report which remained unanswered.

One of my fleet mates though finally got to DS9 in his storyline a week or so later and was able to buy a runabout. When he did so, he was able to rename it just fine without issues. Curious about this, I discharged my old runabout and bought a new one. To my suprise, I could now name my runabout, but at the cost of over 100k Credits.

Has anyone else run into this and would Cryptic be willing to reimburse those of us that had to essentially buy a new runabout to rename it?
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04-09-2010, 12:21 AM
I'm in the same boat. I bought a runabout before the season 1 patch, and every time I try to rename it I get 'not you(r) active ship. Yet I bought one today for an alt, and I had no problem whatsoever renaming it.
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04-09-2010, 12:29 PM
100k is not a lot of credits in STO.

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