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Basically, my question is, is the + Crit % and Crit Severity from anti-protons currently working? I'm leaning towards no.
I've currently got equipped 7 anti proton weapons (All have +2 Crit %, +40% Crit severity, and .1 accuracy), and a Quantum torpedo launcher mk X with +2% crit. This equals a total of +16% Crit chance, +280% Crit severity, and +.7 accuracy from weapons alone.
Due to my spec, by base stats are 15% bonus accuracy, 4.5 % crit chance, and 75% Critical severity.
Adding the two together, I should have 85% bonus accuracy, 20.5 Crit chance, and 355% critical severity.
My Pvp games -do not- show this. I am not critting 1 out of 5 times. I'm not even critting 1 out of 15 times. I'm using 3 fore cannons with Rapid fire, I Should see a very normalized crit rate around 20%, but its barely around 5%.
In addition, my crits do slightly better than 100% additional damage on average. If STO's tool-tips are to be believed, on a crit, my weapon should do normal damage (100%), and then additional damage based on critical severity (which is 355%), so I should do 455% damage. I'm doing between 150%-200% total crit damage (original shot included). In addition, occasionally, I see a very large crit number, which isnt quite 455%, but is much more in line with the numbers I've posted here. This effect seems random however, and sometimes I cant tell what weapon it came from.
is there something I'm missing?
Please ask if you need more info.

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