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# 1 Heavy roleplay Klingon fleet
04-09-2010, 04:44 PM
**a hijacked communication feed over various Frequencies**

Hear me sons and daughters of Qo’nos, the enemy of the Empire sleeps within our walls. They crew our ships, and have attached themselves to us, like a trill to a host. They grow fat and strong from feeding on the scraps of our kind. Yet that strength that we have given them will bear arms against us if we do not keep up our guard.

Sully your honor no longer, act now so that your ancestors will sing the praises of your valor, take back the Empire or cross over into ghe’tor. The foundation of our kind is at risk, we compromise our values in an effort to gain territory. I refuse to sell my honor like a Ferengi bleeding every coin from trade. No Empire has ever stood steadfast, when it fills its ranks with irregulars.

We have stood strong for generations keeping other species as allies. We have kept them at the distance of a Bat’leth. Yet today, I passed a number that bore the rank marks of the Empire. I say allies and bedmates are two different things, sleep with the enemy and you shall sleep forever, with your throat cut.

They do not speak Klingon, they do not understand our ways, they subjugate our collective honor slowly like a weed lays strangle to a tree. Make no mistake brothers and sisters, Qo’nos is for Klingons. Though it is our duty, the war with the Federation distracts us from the war for our salvation.

Answer me, what have you already given, on what things have you compromised? Make no mistake, take back what is ours, or you will soon speak the tongue of the Gorn and the countless other non-Klingon who now have a voice within the Empire. Cut off their heads to remove their tongues, that is the Klingon way!
Stand firm and united expel the invaders for we are under siege!

{{OOC We realize that Klingon play is yet to be developed as the Fed side. Nevertheless, in some ways focused Role-play has more room to develop in a not so instanced a game. In time as the Klingon side be expands we will be situated and in place.

This is a heavy role-play fleet; we are using the Masonic/secret society model, for a Klingon loyalist movement. In addition, we will be working with Fed rpers, especially Fed Klingons, setting up a Blue/Grey type situation. As we are Klingons, and therefore assumed to be speaking in Klingon, you need not use a Klingon dictionary if you have no inclination. We are more interested in character driven role-play than anything else. Bring your stories and toons.

Contact me in game or email Bak’khar@odelagga}}

Bak’khar son of Lagga
IKS voq’noH

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