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SInce I started playing STO, I've taken to watching a fair number of TOS, TNG, and other episodes again as they come up in syndication.

Here are just a few plotlines/planets/aliens I would like to see further explored in upcoming episodes...

-the Tholians. Can we defeat them in space with their web-based weaponry? What have they been up to in the last number of years?

-encounter suits. Lets do away missions on airless worlds, toxic environments, ships with no life support - all with encounter suits

-the Organians. They once forced a peace treaty between the Federation and Klingons, but no longer. What happened to them, and can they be convinced to help impose peace once again?

-Nimbus III. What happened to the Planet of Galactic Peace after Sybok? And what is happening there as the Alpha Quadrant has fallen into war?

-Hugh and the liberated Borg. What happened to that group of individualized Borg after being freed from the collective (and then Lore's influence)? Have they managed to build a society? And how does the collective feel about them?

-Roman Empire Planet (did they ever give it a name). 40-50 years later, what does the Roman Empire planet look like in the equivalent of their year 2010?

Just a few thoughts. Anyone else have a few old episodes or villains they'd like to see re-visited?

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